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Thumb Wrestling 022 // Zuva Martens vs. Star Wars – Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

It had to be. An episode about The Last Jedi seemed inevitable. It is the most divisive film from the Star Wars catalogue, and maybe even in general. Not as a rule, but broadly speaking, it seems that haters mostly identify as fanboys of the franchise. Those who (also) identify (more) as cinephiles seem to like Rian Johnson's addition to the lore.

Zuva Martens wasn't a fan. Not in the YOU-RUINED-MY-CHILDHOOD-LET-ME-SIGN-A-PETITION-NOW-variety. But in a well articulated manner, with jokes. So this is the Thumb Wrestling Podcast's gift to the internet. A balanced discussion between two wise souls. Well, one wise soul and an obsessed movie nut.

When not talking forceghosts he is a stand up comedian and an organizer of many a funny event. For instance, there's Konings Comedy, for which he is hosting the very first English edition on Tuesday 17 December! 

Other topics include: logic in Star Wars narratives, our shared love for The Phantom Menace and the potential darkness of youthful exuberance.


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