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Thumb Wrestling 032 // Toeknee Tee vs. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre(s)

There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents, so says paintguru and human Zen factory Bob Ross. Well, mistakes happen. Like when host Ruud forgot to check with podguest Tony about which The Texas Chainsaw Massacre he was talking, when he said he'd like to do an episode about that. Apparently he meant the 2003 remake, when muggins thought he was talking about the 1974 classic. There's another saying: assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups.

But social distancing is starting to become a thing and during the recording Ruud decides to roll with it. And thanks to the great conversations of Mr. Tee the episode is saved! Toeknee Tee is an American studying and residing in the Netherlands, who makes great hiphop songs and puts them out on his Spotify channel. The latest of his monthly EP's, Op de buurt II, is out now! Go have a listen! But first listen to this episode, which turned out lovely.

Other topics in this episode are the inspirations from serial killer Ed Gein in Hollywood, horror hitting too close to home and a swapping of tales concerning hitchhiking.

And o yeah! Tony brought his dog, Diamond, who is the cutest.


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