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Thumb Wrestling 005 // Steven Morgan vs. Deadpool (and Deadpool 2)

So, here's a first! Well, two firsts actually... Steven Morgan is the first comedian to be thumb wrestling against our host Ruud. And, if you haven't noticed yet by reading this, it is also the first episode entirely in the English language! Nijmegen has a vibrant expat community and Steve's a great part in it.

Apart from comedy, Steven is also a music journalist for All Things Loud. He's done an interview with the Australian synthpop legend Donny Benét, dressed as Donny Benét. Baldcap and all. And also Steven has attended the Down the Rabbit Hole festival, dressed as a hot dog. Great fun! And he's no stranger to podcasts. Steven did host the musically themed Kalenda Music Podcast and is now working on his own new series. Isn't that exciting stuff?

For Thumb Wrestling this time Steven will discuss his dislike for the Deadpool franchise. He's no fan of the type of meta comedy in this superhero parody, and he's not afraid to show it. If that sounds curmudgeonly, don't worry, because he has some excellent points to make.

And we also talk about the Adam West version of Batman, a bit of horror and the phenomenon that is Ryan Reynolds.


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