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Thumb Wrestling 066 // Sarah 'of Horror' Giercksky ♥ The Human Centipede

O dear... Our host Ruud is looking a bit green on this episode's screenshot. Could it be that we're tackling a truly disgusting, vile and horrifying film this time around? You may judge that for yourself. For it's time we have a discussion about The Human Centipede.

It's the tale of a German doctor, who wants to stitch three people together. Mouth to anus. And believe it or not, but this movie has quite the lively fanbase. One of them is the Swedish filmmaker and horrorvlogger Sarah Giercksky, better known as Sarah of Horror. And who knows? Maybe her enthusiasm will convince you to give it a watch!

The Human Centipede was directed by Dutch filmmaker Tom Six. And it is quite a curious beast, because its reputation far exceeds a real familiarity with the actual film. Thanks to South Park many people know of it, but fewer people actually saw it. Still it was a commercial success that spawned two sequels. And Ruud watched the whole trilogy in preparation for this show, something he wasn't prepared to do for the Fifty Shades-episode...

We also discuss what the Human Centipede would be like in a 4DX-screening, feeding the horror monster inside and watching Salo five times in one week.

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