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Thumb Wrestling 078 // Roxy JC vs Volver

A bit of saturated red really pops off the screen. So, a lot of it must really set a movie on visual fire! Add a bit of dark storytelling, some soapiness and a big homage to the women of LA Mancha, and you get Volver. One of the movies from director Pedro Almodóvar stretch of big arthouse hits in the 2000s. It stars Penelope Cruz and Lola Dueñas and a lot of great Spanish actresses. What's not to love?

Well, having grown up in La Mancha herself, comedian and graphic designer Roxy JC felt it may have hit too close to home. The first time she watched it, at least. Now, having lived in the Netherlands for ten years, she warmed to it. Still, there's plenty to unpack in this movie, and we head into it fully enthused.

Also, we discuss what life in Spain is like, the privacy we rely on in the bathroom, and Penelope Cruz maybe being way too perfect a specimen of humanity.

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