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Thumb Wrestling Live: 115 // Huge Davies 🆚 The Blues Brothers // at UICF

"We're on a mission from God." How long has it been since we did one of these in English? Well, it's Thumb Wrestling Time again, and we even recorded this one live with an audience – of sorts – at the Big Binge at the Utrecht International Comedy Festival! The subject of this conversation is a comedy classic: The Blues Brothers (1980).

Well, if you can call it a comedy, which our podguest and festival act Huge Davies cannot. Aside from an Adam Driver lookalike, he is also a musical comedian. Davies has created and starred in Channel 4-sitcom The Artists – which ran for three entire episodes – and also co-hosts the Comedians Watch the Worst video podcast. And he's scorekeeper in the amzingly funny Film Quiz Podcast.

Jake and Elwood Blues try to save their old orphanage home by bringing their old band back together. They run into Aretha Franklin, Illinois nazi's, way too much police, a bunch of rednecks and a homicidal ex-girlfriend played by Carry Fisher. And no one can stop them from spreading the blues and getting that money to the tax office.

Host Ruud and Huge also discuss whether a comedy film needs any tension, how many Dutch sitcoms are really translated remakes of English material and how you can waste a perfectly decent Frank Oz.

Recorded at: Studio Pandora, by Menno de Meester. Video:

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