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Thumb Wrestling 062 // Alina Sharipova ♥ Mystic River

Bill Murray was robbed! In 2004 host Ruud sat up all night to watch his comedy hero receive an Oscar for Lost in Translation. Just to see Sean Penn snatch it away from him. And for what? Crying out "Is that my daughter in there??!?" in ever increasing hamminess. Well, today he gets his revenge, by taking apart Mystic River. (Actually, back then Ruud watched and liked that movie. It's more the rewatch that made him devaluate it.)

On defense, he gladly welcomes stand up comedian Alina Sharipova! She's very much a fan of Clint Eastwood's adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel. And one of the reasons for that is actually Penn's performance as Jimmy, the father of a missing girl from the slums of Boston. Soon, though, she is found dead. And the police investigation reconnects Jimmy with two childhood friends.

Also Alina tells the story of how she performed the most unlikely song at a musical audition as a kid, we explore the sequel potential of this movie and we fail at staying away from imitating the Boston accent. Which we both suck at.

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  • Is that my daughter in there?:

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