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Thumb Wrestling 014 // Devansh Gupta vs. Pulp Fiction

Bijgewerkt op: 18 jan 2020

English listeners! And Dutch listeners who enjoy English podcasts...! You are in for a treat, because Duimpjeworstelen is tipping its hat to the great Quentin Tarantino. This episode will be all about Pulp Fiction, his break-out hit from 1994, which won the Palm d'Or and the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. A stylish gangster noir, set in the streets of Los Angeles.

Our podguest Devansh Gupta wasn't a fan the first time he saw this film back in university in India. And he hasn't warmed to it since. Devansh is an expat living in Nijmegen, who is an aspiring filmmaker himself. And he has his own video essay channel: Watching Films Closely. His main qualm with Pulp Fiction is its lack of depth.

Also we'll be talking about sympathy for gangsters, the surfy soundtrack and 'the final triumph of postmodernism'.


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