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Thumb Wrestling 118 // Rik Carranza ❤️ 21 Jump Street

"Don't you like 21 Jump Street? What the frick is wrong with you?" Host Ruud has heard them all before. Well, this time podguest and ultrageeky comedian Rik Carranza gets to tell him to his face. Through a Skype connection though, as Rik resides in Scotland. They go deep into the hijinks of police officers Schmidt and Jenko, who go undercover as high school students to expose a drug ring. It's a comedic meta-sequel to the eighties tv-show that made Johnny Depp famous.

Carranza co-hosts the Geekatorium podcast, and is a presenter on Pure Radio Scotland. And also, he's made waves in the geekdom and on Edinburgh with his live comedy panelshow Star Trek vs. Star Wars and its spin-off Clash of Fandoms. Rik is very vocally passionate about his love for satire movies, and he gets to go nuts for 21 Jump Street in this episode. And even if you don't care for the movie as much as our podguest, you have to hand it that it succeeds at its satire.

It's probably mainly the result of the hard labour of the two directors, Phil Lord and Chrisopher Miller. They often are very clever about mixing genre tropes and big ideas with dumb jokes that stick their landings. At least, for most people. Less so for our host. But really, what does he know?

Other topics include nostalgia for dvds, piquing in high school and the difference between satire and parody.

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