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Thumb Wrestling 090 // Chandler Bullock vs. Aliens

Best sequel ever? Since its release, Aliens (1986) has garnered quite the reputation among fans worldwide. It is madman James Cameron's testerone injected action-sequel to Ridley Scott's cosmic horror masterpiece. In stead of one skulking xenomorph, there's a whole insects' nest worth of them. Time to get those guns blazing.

The Beauty of Horror Podcast host and writer Chandler Bullock is fine with you and everyone enjoying this movie. Just don't pretend it is good as a sequel to the original Alien (1979)! And if you think that is a hot take, just wait. Chandler brings a few more to the table. We also discuss whether or not we watched the Director's Cut for the pod, the implication of the notorious 'S' at the end of the title and where the hell little girl Newt is supposed to be from.

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