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Thumb Wrestling 094 // Barb from Leiden Shorts vs. Phantom Thread

Are you as hungry as Reynolds Woodcock for a new episode? We dive into the world of fifties British fashion with Phantom Thread (2017), also known as Daniel Day-Lewis' final movie (to this date). So break out the mushrooms, and lets steal some dresses back! Because the more toxic it gets, the more romance the two main characters feel.

But does it get toxic enough? Not according to our guest this episode, Barb. They are head programmer at the lovely film festival Leiden Shorts (9-12 June), and their taste is impeccable. Phantom Thread just didn't hit nearly as hard as director Paul Thomas Anderson's other movies. Barb would rather watch his shorts.

But, of course, there's also plenty to bond over. This is a P.T.A. movie after all...

We also discuss the scene stealing performances of Harriet Sansom Harris, how Anderson thought up the movie when feeling very ill, and the way some of his scenes could work as short films.

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