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Thumb Wrestling 084 // Ashley Walker ♥ Howard the Duck

Before the MCU Iron Man, before Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, even before Roger Corman's Fantastic Four, there was one project that can truly claim to be the very first Marvel feature ever. And that little movie is called Howard the Duck. It was a box office bomb for the ages, but it also has its fans. And one of them is film critic Ashley Walker.

A talking, child-sized waterfowl gets accidentally sucked into our dimension. And there he finds himself in a situation where he has to save the world. Or can he wisecrack himself out of that one? Howard gets help from a young musician, played by Lea Thomson, and from future Oscar winner Tim Robbins.

Podguest Ashley almost surprises themself by how much they know about this movie. And there are a lot of fun trivia to sink our teeth into. Even now, new stories keep cropping up about Howard the Duck and its disastrous production. And then we haven't even gotten into all of the awful duck puns...

We also discuss Ashley's recently found affection for Doctor Strange, Martin Scorsese versus the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why there even exists a 70mm print of Howard the Duck.

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