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Thumb Wrestling 093 // Billy Kirkwood ♥ The Big Lebowski

Wait a minute. A thumbs down for The Big Lebowski? And from our host, a man who has gone on record calling the Coens among his top favourite filmmakers. What's the friggin' deal here? Well, guess that's just his opinion, man. Or could it just simply be that Ruud is stretching a small personal gripe very thin, just so he can let a real Dudeist vibe for an hour plus?

Whichever it is, the guest of this show is none other than Scottish comedian Billy Kirkwood. On the Utrecht International Comedy Festival he performed a show called Watch Bad Dutch Movies With Great Comedians. Where Ruud was, yes, the face of Bad Dutch movies. But Billy is also an ordained minister of Dudeism, and sports some themed body-art.

So, if you're into bowling hippies knocking back white russians, just step on this rollercoaster of classic movie quoting. And if you get angry, and you want to threaten our host with cutting off his johnson, because of something he says along the way, that's alright. The Rude abides.

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